Tar is a small tourist town on the west coast of Istria, located between Umag to the north and Poreč in the south. The entire peninsula of Istria, including Tar, is located at exactly halfway between the equator and North Pole, and it is characterized by mild summers and mild winters.
People have chosen this area for life in the distant past. Debris found, testify about the life of people in 7th and 5th centuries BC and were found on a hill overlooking the Bay of Tarska vala at the Church of S. Martin

From this natural harbor a rocky road leads to Tar, who was a Roman Fortress called Turrisi new. In the 10th century in historical documents we find the name of Turrim, and in late 14th century, when these areas fall under Austrian rule, his name is Ander Duerrer.

After the war between Austria and Venice, in the early 16th century, Istria belonged to the Republic of Venice, the place is named Torre. At the end of the same century, after an epidemic of plague, the country has only 18 families , and the Venetian Senate made the decision to renew the population with Dalmatian households.

At the beginning of the 20th century and the discovery of mineral bauksite begins the development, which increases after the 2nd World War and has flourished in our time, with the development of tourism.

From the bell tower of the church where is the inscription “Pius 7th was in this quiet bay 1800”, overlooking the sea, in front of you stands Porec, the Lanterna peninsula, the mouth of the river Mirna, Novigrad and Umag.

If you look across the open sea the view goes to S. Marco in Venice and on to the Alps.
Turn to the east, in front of your eyes are open landscape of farmland, olive groves and vineyards.

It is an idyllic location and right choice for your vacation. The intimacy of a small place that protects you from the everyday rush and stress, and full you of energy for the adoption of new life challenges.

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